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Who are we ?

After several stay in Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos), we could realize the precariousness around us but also the cheerfulness of this people in spite of the few resources they have.


The administrative procedures: creating of the society, writing of the statutes, general constituting assembly, inscription in the comercial Register and fiscal recognition were the fist steps we took.


LASAS was founded in 2013 and its actions begun in February 2014 in Laos, a developing country in South-Eats Asia.


You can discover all what we do on our website here.


We want to thank you for your support and your confidence in our life project.

After several years of professional activities in Switzerland, among which the creation of enterprises, it was time for us to share the luck we were given at the beginning with the inhabitants of this marvelous country, Laos. We thank here all the persons who trusted us during all theses years and without whom the ASAS could never have been created.

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