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The Luang Prabang Educational School for Disabled Children

Everything is fine and even the communication with the employee who trains them doesn’t seem to be an obstacle. In fact, when there is the will, nothing is unsurmountable. A sign book and SMS are a good help and the faces and the heart make the rest.


In the long term, Eng and Ayti will be able to train more hearing-impaired children so that they can have access to a professional training too.


ASAS has committed itself to finance half of the salary of the two students so that the expenses of this new collaboration don’t prevent the developing of this new challenge.

Heading for professionnal training :

an apprenticeship in joinery


May 2015


Heading for professionnal training : an apprenticeship in joinery

Their names are Eng and Ayti. These two young adults, aged 19 and 20, began to study at « the school for disabled people» a few years ago.


They both are hearing-impaired and, like all the young adults of their age, they must now face their life after school where everything was organized for them to have access to education and the basic school program. But for the period after school, there are no trainings which are adapted to their situation. So for these teenagers, life after school must be settled individually.


With the valuable collaboration of our friend Bounmy, who is the boss of a joinery in Luang Prabang, a training could be set up.



Become identified and become known


January 2015


ASAS has created a logo and had tee-shirts made for the “The school of disabled People”.


The school, the pupils and the teachers now have their own visual identity. The hand on the logo represents the word “love” in the sign language. On the back of the t-shirts one can read the school slogan: “Speak with your hands, speak with your heart”.


A way to raise awareness and  to communicate about the great job of people who participate every day in giving them access to education and teaching. 


Making transport easier


October 2014


It is the beginning of October. ASAS gives two carriages which round up the “tool park” of the school. These carriages will be very useful for their daily works in culture and breeding which take place during the days of this somewhat different school.


When we went there, we were happy to see that the elder pupils already know how to use the material which was given a few months earlier: motorized cultivator and brushcutter…..) The various tools are correctly used and perfectly well maintained. A really nice partnership!


New tolls for learning


May  2014


L'ASAS finance some gardening and maintenance tools. It's now the enf of May and the summer holidays have already started. The children get back to their village to see their familly and only a few of boarders are staying at the center (the older). These one take care of the maintenance of the building, of the garden and of the animals.


During this period, they will have time to get acquainted with the new tools sothat they will improve their competences and be help in their daily tasks.


A motorized cultivator to plough the fields


June  2014


ASAS has bought a motorized cultivator in order to make easier the daily work of gardening. This machine allows to use several tools and to couple a trailer.


The nuns and the children look forward to working in better conditions.


Moreover, they will be pleased to be able to be initiated to mechanics skills while doing the various maintenance works on this machine.




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