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Laos Water Solidarity

L’ASAS has financed a workshop for 150 girls


December 2015


We went to Ban Xieng village where there are 400 pupils in the secondary school. The journeys are always very difficult because of the state of the roads. We were warmly welcome and could begin with the workshops.


The team is well-trained although the subject is very “sensitive”. In fact, most girls don’t know anything about puberty, menstruations and the way to manage when they are at school. Consequently, many of them are afraid, don’t practice any hygiene and don’t go to school during a few days every month.


The result is backwardness at school or even the giving up of school. Teen pregnancies are the result of this lack of basic knowledge about the body transformations.After a few minutes faces relax and brighten.


Each girl leaves with her book and her hygiene kit. The project goes on in faraway regions which are even more concerned by this lack of knowledge.


This team deserves congratulations for its wonderful work.

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