ASAS is a non-profit association under Swiss law which was founded in 2013 by Alexandre and Céline Rochat. Since this date, it has been working in Laos in various fields:

  • Building of schools

  • Building of toilets and water supply in remote villages

  • Purchase of a boat allowing school transport on the Mekong river

  • Conveyance of a 4 ton container from Switzerland which allowed the distribution of clothing, hygiene material, blankets, etc… in more than 35 villages

  • Hygiene workshops and distribution of material (school books, toothbrushes, soaps, books for the library, etc…) in more than 50 schools

  • Paying of hospital expenses for more than 30 children and adults

  • Managing of a reception center (nursery) for small children and homework monitoring and English classes for schoolchildren

  • Rent of the “ASAS house” which accommodates 6 students who otherwise couldn’t go to secondary school (more than a 14 km walk every day)

  • Creation of the first « Discovery Center » of the country which presents the following themes, in an entertaining way, with workshops:

    • The solar system

    • The earth and the continents

    • The origin of life on earth

    • The evolution of Man

    • The human body and the five senses

    • Microbes and hygiene

    • Environment and waste

    • Global warming

    • Endangered species

ASAS commits to redistributing the totality of the donations it receives; the organisation has a very simple structure and the personal commitment of its founders generates very few expenses. Moreover, except for the salaries paid to the Lao employees who manage the reception center and the « Discovery Center », no salary or expenses (food, flight tickets, representation expenses, etc…) are paid to the founders.

We thank you for your support and wish you a pleasant visit of our website.