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Eau Laos Solidarité






This association (, which was created in 2010, is active in Laos and works for projects concerning hygiene, the training of teachers, sanitary infrastructures, the creation of games and editing of books for children and teenagers.


ASAS has met Sally Pillitteri, the founder and president of this association. We have regularly followed her actions since 2014 and have been convinced by her seriousness and her commitment to complete her various projects.Two years ago she also created a project for young Lao girls and specifically for hygiene during the period of puberty.


This project is called “I am a teenager » and includes:

















-  The creation and edition of a book about the specific needs of Lao girls ; the books adapts the message to the level ok knowledge, which is often nonexistent


- The training of teachers concerning hygiene rules and puberty


- Meetings in rural schools in Laos, with organizing of awareness workshops and a theater play about puberty for girls aged 11 to 14


-  The handing out to each girl who comes to the workshop of the book “I am a teenager” and a hygiene kit


Up to now this association has already met 3000 young girls in Luang Prabang province.

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